Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Where's the open SPED communications mentioned in RC-CAP?

Hey SPS maybe you've  better start doing your RC-CAP work ASAP.  Your 442 needs to be ready on October 1st! or no level 3 for you.

I'm hearing from many parents that NOTHING has changed. Really how do each of you get out of bed each school day knowing you are NOT doing your jobs.

The district is still  shoving SLD students in studies skills classes or learning lab and NOT providing services. You where told last November by OSPI to stop this practice.

 You are playing games with these students well being, causing distress and emotional harm.

I know, maybe another evangelical speech by Alan will fix all your problems.

Hey Nyland you have made $35K so far off of us, what have you done? Really what do you do each day for $1650.00?

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