Monday, September 22, 2014

UW research on brain activity delivers lessons on how kids learn provides clues on dyslexia

Here is the link to the Seattle Times story

The authors sub - title  reads-

Scientists at the UW are figuring out what happens as children learn — and how to assist those who struggle. Their discoveries are already helping parents and schools.

But the piece fails to mention which schools? I can tell you it's NOT a Seattle Public school.

Two of my children where participants in this study and SPS has fought us on the study's results for the past two school years. I also arranged last school year for Dr. Berninger to meet with SPS SPED staff and Michael Tolly to talk about the study and how the UW could help SPS with SLD students...they basically blew her off.

SPS seems threatened by this study and it's impact on exposing SPS lack of special education for SLD students.

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