Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Is OSPI serious about the RC-CAP ? The TIERS group thinks so!

On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 9:46 AM, Coulter, Alan <acouller.glsuhsc.c<lu> wrote:
Good morning Z. I wanted to follow~up on several policy items that arose
during my debrief with Doug Gill and his staff. I've copied Michaela on this
note because there are also operational items for Michaela and you to know.
l. Kudos to you Z from Doug and his staff regarding your performance
Tuesday night. They saw the newspaper item and had emails from some of
the people that attended. Doug said to give you a high-five for your design
of the sequence of presentations and your cleverness in ending with the RCCAP
before turning the microphone over to the audience.
2. Please note that Janice and Valerie have been strategizing about what SPS
would need to demonstrate in order to move from a rating of '4' up to a '3.'
I have asked them to give us a list of what SPS would need to show in order
to earn that level of improvement and they will give that to me when I
debrief with them in August. One thing you have to do, and it's an absolute,
ALL Corrections in the 442 MUST be DONE by October 1. If this does not
occur, getting anything better than a '4' is impossible. We suggest this is a
top priority for you and that you assign someone to closely monitor this and
give them a deadline before October 1 to verify that corrections have been
3. Doug emphasizt:d (that's being nice) to me that absolutely NO Extensions
will be granted to deadlines in the RC-CAP. For example, November 14
means November 14 and not a day later. He said, "don't ask me and tell Z to
not call me for an extension." OSPI is clearly bent on hold us to firm
deadlines and watching very closely what we do. I believe they feel as
though they have granted all the flexibility they can before imposing heavier
4. OSPI will allocate at least two personnel to consult with the school
psychologists and us on 're-instrumentation.' Doug was particularly keen in
quizzing his own staff about who would be best to make it crystal-clear that
re-instrumentation is NOT Required and not advisable given more pressing
needs for school psychological services for struggling students. We
discussed a design for the meeting with SPS school psychologists and, with
your permission, I'll engage Michaela and our folks in a conversation about
how the event should go and what the expected outcomes will be.
5. We (Debra, Jane Nell, and I) need to have a conversation very soon about
data and almost immediate implications for you and the RC-CAP
implementation. Hence, we sent you some days/times when we would like
to talk, your schedule permitting. OSPI is now carefully reading your last
submission on the 2013-14 C-CAP. They had not completed their analysis
as of yesterday.
6. I know that you know this only too well. The RC-CAP is NOT Approved
until it is submitted, signed by the Board of Directors, and reviewed by
OSPI. He will check to ensure that the RC-CAP version submitted to him is
the same you sent after making the final changes. In this regard, the RCCAP
becomes like an agreement between SPS and OSPI on what you and
others promise to do in 2014-15. Doug was deadly serious with me. I think
he has reached a limit and he will not budge. If you need our assistance in
moving the RC-CAP through the administration and to the Board, please let
us know. The RC-CAP is critical to everyone's success during 2014-15.
7. I am expected to be in Olympia the last day of my August visit to report to
Doug. He re-emphasized that he expects a visit from me (&Bob when he
can again travel) every time we are in Seattle. He cleared his calendar for
yesterday afternoon and never left the room when the discussion was
occurring. I was there from l :30 to almost 5 pm. I have never seen a state
director so intently focused. His staff had a lot of questions about the TIERS
Group/Accelify Report and a few follow-up questions about the RC-CAP.
Those were answered and they are OK with the Report and the RC-CAP.
We look forward to talking with you very soon. Have a good weekend and
happy house-hunting.

For those who don't know what a 442 is:

Non-Compliance – Notification of non-compliance identified during WISM Systems Analysis activities (on-site Visits or off-site Desk Reviews) are posted electronically in iGrants (Form Package 442 for districts, Form Package 642 for ESAs). LEAs/ESAs with non-compliance identified (on page 1 of iGrants Form Package 442/642) must complete and submit Form Package 442/642 as soon as possible, but no later than March 2, 2015. iGrants can be found at Required for identified districts.
Form Pkg. 442/642
(IDEA Compliance Package)
Determinations; Funding

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