Saturday, September 13, 2014

District sets private placement precedence for dyslexic students.

Two important events accrued recently that have set precedence for dyslexic students.

One- the Seattle school district's legal department officially admitted they can find no evidence of services or programs for dyslexic students.

Two- the district placed one student at Hamlin Robinson  school without a due process hearing.

The Hamlin Robinson School is an independent school in Seattle offering a specialized program specifically for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences.

In order for the district to legally place a student in a private school under IDEA laws the student must have a diagnosis for a qualifying disability and the district must provide a justification for the placement.  In this case the justification was lack of services for dyslexic students.

Going forward ask your IEP team for proof they have been successful with serving dyslexic students and for an outline of their services (SDI) for SLD. If your student is k-8 ask for placement in Hamlin Robinson at your next IEP meeting.

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  1. Way to go Good Fight. Keep pushing! But please cite your sources for this information.

    SLD parent