Wednesday, September 17, 2014

State of Wisconson recognizes SLDs and has special education regulations that require “Fidelity of Implementation” in the SLD eligibility determination process.

Here's the link to the report

This part is interesting :

 What interventions are required by the SLD rule?

All evaluations of public schools students to determine initial SLD eligibility must be completed after the student has received at least two intensive, scientific-research or evidence-based interventions (SRBIs) in each area of SLD concern. Generally speaking, an intervention is “the systematic use of a technique, program or practice designed to improve learning or performance in specific areas of pupil need.” The SLD rule specifies higher standards for the interventions that must be implemented before an IEP team can make an SLD eligibility decision. The standards for SRBIs used when applying the SLD criteria include:
• Scientific research-based or evidence-based;
• Use with individual or small groups;
• Focus on single or small number of discrete skills closely aligned to individual learning needs (consistent with the area of SLD concern);
• Culturally appropriate;
• A substantial number of instructional minutes beyond what is provided to all students; and
• Implemented with adequate fidelity
WI Dept. of Public Instruction Updated December 4, 2013 SLD FAQ p.6
o Applied in a manner highly consistent with its design, and
o At least 80% of the recommended number of weeks, sessions, minutes.

It's encouraging to see this great research finally making to print.

 You would think Seattle and SPS would or should be leading the way with one of the top SLD researchers living here...oh well I guess we will let the courts put SPS in it's place. 

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