Sunday, November 1, 2015

Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) Version 5 Data Model Guide

The question is, "Did the implementation of "Standardized Testing" provide the data base necessary for CEDS?


"...CEDS focuses on data elements and modeling in the Early Learning, K12, Post Secondary, Career and Technical Education (CTE), Adult Education, and Workforce sectors, and it has data domains for Assessments, Learning Standards, Learning Resources, and Authentication and Authorization. CEDS includes domains, entities, elements, option sets, and related uses."

Naming Conventions and Key Terms

Entity Terms
Entity terms provide the context for an element. For example, in the following data element names, the terms Person, Accountability Report, Dental Insurance Coverage, and Advance Placement are entity terms.
•Person Middle Name
•Accountability Report Title
•Dental Insurance Coverage Type
•Advance Placement Credits Award
 See pg.8

 See also pg. 37, NDS Entity Relationship Diagrams


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