Friday, November 20, 2015

5 Facts About Dyslexia and ADA 2015

The original regulations were published in 2010 and then an outside expert committee presented its findings in 2014, but the guidelines in the Technical Assistance report was only approved for release in July 2015.

1. Proof of Past Testing is Generally Sufficient to Support a Request.
2. ADA Protections Exist for for High School, College, Professional and Grad Schools, 
Trade Exams
The Department of Justice document includes the following tests by name: high school (GED, SSAT, ISEE), college (SAT, ACT), professional (LSAT, MCAT), grad school (GRE, GMAT), trade (cosmetology), professional (bar, medical, including clinical assessments).
3. Academic Success Does Not Preclude Test Accommodations
4. Informal Testing Accommodations May Be Sufficient
5. Timely Manner and No Flagging

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