Thursday, November 12, 2015

Blend Phonics for FREE DOWNLOAD for Every Teacher in America

Reading Made Easy With Blend Phonics  

by Hazel Loring, 1980, adapted by Don Potter, 2007

The Secret of Reading is to "Look at all the letters the right way, without guessing." Most students who are taught HOW to look at all the letters the right way without guessing and practice that way of reading words, become fluent, confident readers who can then read to learn well. You can test your child's or student's ability to read without guessing with the Miller Word Identification Assessment. Some children can pass some reading tests, and still not know HOW to read except by guessing at letters and whole words.

Why it works (a little theory)

Hazel Loring wrote, "All of my teaching experience has confirmed my belief that directional guidance, inherent in the blend phonics system, is the key to success in teaching reading.” Loring’s method is taught from the chalkboard or overhead. Students learn to blend the sounds of the letters from left to right, one after the other. They do not see the whole word at a glance; therefore, they are required to look at each letter in proper sequence. The blending is done in this order, for example "bat:" b-a, ba, ba-t, bat.” I. A. Beck calls this “sequential or cumulative blending.” After the words is sounded-out, the meaning of each words is illustrated with a sentence create by the student or provide by the teacher to make sure the students keep meaning foremost in their minds.

Why Supplementary Phonics?

Since phonics-first is the foundation of every really good reading, every teacher and tutor should have Blend Phonics available to use as added insurance in case the the adopted method fails some students. In fact Blend Phonics can be used as the main phonics component of any reading program to assure the success of every student.

Reading Made Easy


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