Friday, June 26, 2015

UW professor Dr. Berninger offers partnership with Seattle public schools

On June 18th Seattle school board candidate Michael Christophersen delivered  to Seattle public school superintendent Dr. Nyland and school board president Carr a proposal from University professor Dr. Virgina Berninger offering her and her teams services and expertise in professional development for teachers serving students with learning disabilities at no cost to the district.

As of today, we have yet to receive a response from SPS. Time is critical due to the grant involved.

I need your help in making this partnership a reality, please email Dr. Nyland at encouraging SPS to move forward and except Dr. Berninger's most generous offer.

If you need additional information please email candidate Christophersen directly at  

Some of Dr. Berningers recent books and relevant to translation of research into practice, with focus on prevention and serving more students with specific learning disabilities in inclusive general education (more cost effective and more effective for student learning outcomes).  See below. Teachers from the Seattle School District are featured in the Interdisciplinary Frameworks for Schools (APA Books) as exemplary role models.  

Berninger, V. W. (2015). Interdisciplinary frameworks for schools: Best professional practices for serving the needs of all students. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.  Companion Websites with Readings and Resources and Contributions of Advisory Panel. All royalties go to Division 16 to support these websites and develop future editions. 
Berninger, V., & Wolf, B. (in press, 2015). Teaching students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, OWL LD, and dyscalculia: Lessons from teaching and science, Second Edition. Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes. Also available as e-book. 
Arfé, B., Dockrell, J., & Berninger, V. (Eds.) (2015). Writing development in children with hearing loss, dyslexia, or oral language problems: Implications for assessment and instruction. NY: Oxford University Press. Also available as an ebook.
McCardle, P., & Berninger, V. (Eds.) (2015). Narrowing the achievement gap for Native American students: Paying the educational debt. New York: Routledge. (All Royalties go to foundations supporting Native American students.) See To view the video recording of the co-authors' conversation for the Chapter by Iisaaksiichaa Ross Braine and Glaadai Tommy Segundo on Model for Narrowing the Achievement Gap for Native Students from Middle and High School to College Graduation , please access UW OMAD/College of Education Discussion:
Native American Outreach at:


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