Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So who is Seneca Family of Agencies and what are they going to give SPED for $421,000?

SPS administration is asking the Seattle School Board at its Wednesday meeting to approve a contract for about $421,000 with a California-based consultant, Seneca Family of Agencies. This group is to replace the TIERS group after officials found issues and possible contract tampering by SPS administrators. More on that soon.

I guess it's time to start digging into Seneca Family of Agencies.

Here's something:

Public School Partnership Programs

Seneca partners with school districts and charter schools, most often located in urban areas to provide these culturally rich and diverse communities access to educational services that accelerate academic progress and develop the skills needed to successfully transition back into a public school setting. Seneca also partners with local school districts to provide Outpatient Services in the form of therapeutic classrooms and mental health services on public school campuses. Each student’s unique needs and goals are addressed through a personalized treatment plan that includes individual, group, and family therapy, supported by intensive case management and crisis intervention services. Program services are designed and tailored to enable each student to make the most of his/her education.

Wait until they get a load of SPS SPED OMG, I predict they will use up the $421,000 and run for the hills. 

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