Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dyslexic Henry Winkler comes to Seattle to promote his books.

Winkler is co-author of a series of popular children's books featuring a boy named Hank Zipzer: the World's Greatest Underachiever.
Standing with students, Winkler said, "I cannot believe that my name is on a book."
Fifth grader, Iris Dimpsey is a fan of Winkler's books. She said, "Well, the books are really cool because they are about dyslexic kids and I'm dyslexic."
And so are other students at Hamlin Robinson. It's the only school in the Puget Sound area designed for children with dyslexia, a condition that makes learning words difficult.

Read it carefully according to KING5 and me Hamlin Robinson is the ONLY school in the Puget Sound area designed for children with dyslexia! There are at least 2,000 students in SPS diagnosed with dyslexia and another 2-3 thousand undiagnosed. SPS does not serve dyslexic students SPS makes dyslexic students suffer through ineffective curriculum and teaching methods.

Maybe Mr. Winkler should pay a visit to SPS and ask why SPS doesn't use Hamlin Robinson's methods for teaching students with dyslexia.   

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