Tuesday, February 23, 2016

From Utah: The Miracle Got UnMiracled: HB164, voted down, is up for another vote. #PARENTALRIGHTS

"Who’s being manipulated, threatened, or bribed at the legislative level – and by whom? Who knows?  There’s no investigative reporting being done in Utah by any newspaper on the subject of education industry corruption, or the education industry’s machinations at the Utah State Office of Education. There should be. The education sales industry is one of the biggest, most money-making industries in the world."

You have experienced the same underhanded tactic to which we in California have become subjected. Those authors whose bills failed requested another hearing in the beginning of the new term simply because they could and there was no one to stop them. You might look up Congressional bill HR 3033, The READ act which has re-surfaced with generous amounts of money attached. Your bill may have now received the federal money it needed to be activated.

For those wanting to see our state get off federal dollars, please read this resolution, which PASSED and needs publicity among legislators.

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