Sunday, October 25, 2015

Seattle parents confused over missing math and ELA SBAC scores.

According to Seattle public schools, a vendor error lead to parents of students with IEPs to receive an erroneous letter stating their student did not take the math or ELA portion of the SBAC, when in fact they did.  Parents reported contacting their schools and being told their wasn't a score, because their student did not take the test.

After speaking with district staff and OSPI, it turns out the error is a bit more nefarious. You see only students with IEPs and who scored in the 2 range did not receive their scores and their parents where told the student did not take the test. This is true for both math and ELA.

The district claims school principals were notified of the vendor error on Monday the 19th, but didn't realize they needed to contact parents and notify them of the error. It also true that only the Seattle school district is having the "vendor error".

So what's really going on ?

 Of all the districts in the state, only the Seattle school district is planning on lowering the PASSING bar for students with IEPs and needs to adjust the wording of a different letter, but only for those students who's IEP team agreed to the ADJUSTMENT.  Unfortunately it turns out, the district is doing this irrespective of whether or not it was agreed to by the parents. Why?, because as we know when it comes to special education in Seattle public schools, the district simply does what it thinks is best for the district.  

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