Monday, November 3, 2014

SPED C-CAP UPDATE from the temporary SPS superintendent

Special Education – We met today with OSPI and US Department of Education staff to review progress on the Corrective Action Plan.

Outcomes included:

1. Need to correct IEPs by November 14th in order to qualify for all the funding for which we are eligible.
2. Concerns about lack of interface between IEP online and PowerSchool causing too much handwork and errors.
3. Putting procedures and organization structures in place to ensure that staff/parents know where to get good information.
4. Stabilize leadership for Special Education and other departments.
5. Provide added supports to assist Wyeth and Michaela to put out fires, oversee the entire special education program and fix compliance issues.
6. Address communications by letting staff know of our corrective action compliance and addressing parent concerns.

As you see there's NOTHING of substance in the plan. Number 5 is code for HIRE MORE CENTRAL OFFICE STAFF. Number 6 WTF is Nyland trying to say?

Needless to say SPS has no chance of making the June 30th deadline with 15 citizen complaints and 19 due process hearings request pending the only thing SPS can do is conspire with OSPI to fraudulently become compliant.  Don't let them do this!

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