Friday, August 22, 2014

Special education RC-CAP failed even before being passed by the board.

Sometimes you just think, "Did they even read it"? Well maybe they looked at the convoluted disorganized spread sheet now known as RC-CAP, but understand it ? -NO WAY! First the RC-CAP doesn't meet the requirements of IDEA or WAC for districts in level 4 determination. Really Dr Gill, 25 years on the job and this is the best you can come up with!

There is no possible way SPS will be in compliance, because they have already failed 3 of the major compliance requirements. What does this mean? OSPI with pressure from Federal department of Education will not approve SPS IDEA part B funding this year unless OSPI takes over direct management of SPED.
(This is one remedy told to my by the Feds and it's what OSPI is pushing for in light of the contracting issues)

OSPI could insert their hand picked choice to replace Ms McWilliams as Executive director of special education, I recommend Dr Gill be forced to take the position until SPS is truly in compliance.

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